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Gainsborough mixer showers

At Gainsborough Showers, we have a wide range of mixer showers available to buy online today, but before you do make sure you read through our comprehensive guides to mixer showers:

5 reasons to buy a mixer shower

  • • All of our mixer showers are thermostatic which means that there are no fluctuations in the temperature of the shower should someone else in the house use water at the same time. This makes them safer, particularly for younger and elderly members of your family.
  • • No matter what your household water system, there will be a mixer shower designed to suit. We have mixer showers compatible for gravity-fed, combi and high pressure systems, and are designed to work perfectly with each hot water system.
  • • Mixer showers are more resistant to lime scale and are therefore ideal for households in hard water areas. Our Ambassador range of mixer showers features a bi-metallic thermostatic coil which is resistance to the build up of lime scale, prolonging the life of your shower and allowing more water to pass through, giving you a better performing mixer shower.
  • • Mixer showers come in stylish chrome designs which will complement almost any bathroom.
  • • Depending on your needs, you have the choice of exposed or concealed mixer showers. Exposed mixer showers feature the valve and pipe work mounted on the wall, while concealed mixer showers hide everything behind the tile work.

How Mixer Showers Work

Mixer showers work by blending together hot and cold water to reach the temperature that you have set on the valve. All of our mixer showers feature a thermostatic valve meaning that you are protected from any sudden temperature changes in the water supply should someone else in the house use water at the same time. This important safety feature protects you and your family from the risk of scalding. Mixer showers generally give a good flow of water providing the water pressure is good. Water is drawn from your household water system and supplied to your shower. 

Mixer Shower Offers

We have a number of great deals on our selection of mixer showers. Our Ambassador range, which has showers designed to suit high-pressure, combi and gravity-fed systems, is reduced from £152.00 to now just £120.00. Browse through our entire range of mixer showers to find the best deal for you

If you are not sure which heating system you have or if a mixer shower would be suitable for your household use our help me choose tool.

Customer Reviews

See what our customers say:

"Looking forward to receiving my new shower designed for a combi, it was great my husband and I could search and review the installation manual before purchase. This is our second Gainsborough shower, the first is still fully functional. Many thanks Gainsborough for being there and as reliable, as ever! A name to trust!"
Mrs Hawes, November 2012 - Mrs Hawes bought an Ambassador Combi mixer shower

"I had a Gainsborough shower for the past 13 years without any problems until recently and I wanted to replace it with a similar one. I ordered the new one from Gainsborough and their service was excellent. It has been installed and it is excellent. I would highly recommend a Gainsborough shower to anybody."
Mrs Ross, January 2012 

"Brilliant service, from website to your customer service staff. Thanks very much."
Mr Lancaster, January 2012

"Whole experience was quick and smooth especially considering so close to Christmas.  Thanks for speedy delivery. Got us out of a fix."
Mr Fraser, December 2011