Choosing between an electric and mixer shower

Choosing a suitable shower system for your home can be quite a challenge unless you know the type of water system in your home and how it works. For example, some home water systems store hot water in tanks for staggered use, while others can heat water on demand, like combination boilers. Before choosing an electric or a mixer shower, it's important to decide whether you want to use your home water system or not. Some households may have plenty of hot water on demand and a good level of water pressure; whereas others have to have their hot water stored and as such can run out quickly, especially if there is a high water demand at a certain time of day, like the morning rush. Taking all this into account can help to choose the best shower for your household.

Electric Showers

If you don’t want to use your household hot water system then opting for an electric shower can be the right choice. Electric showers come with different electrical power ratings so it’s necessary to check your current electricity supply, cable and fuse size are compatible with the requirements of the shower before buying one.

Electric showers are extremely convenient for families and large households. They heat cold water instantly so you don’t need to worry about running out of hot water or waiting to heat it up. Electric showers can also be extremely stylish, such as our GSX 8.5 Deluxe Electric Shower:

GSX Deluxe 8.5 Electric Shower

Mixer Showers

Those who want to use their household hot water systems will often choose a mixer shower to meet their needs. Mixer showers are compatible with almost any water system present in your household including gravity fed systems, combination boiler systems and other high pressure systems. Mixer showers are renowned for their reliability and greater resistance to limescale so are a good option for people living in hard water areas. A mixer shower is designed to blend hot and cold water from different sources so there’s no endless tap-twiddling to get the right temperature. Moreover, thermostatic mixer showers can automatically adjust to maintain a constant temperature even when a tap or another water source is turned on elsewhere in the house. This feature prevents users getting an unpleasant shock from scalding hot or freezing cold water.

They can be exposed with the pipework mounted directly onto the wall or concealed providing a more minimalistic design. An exposed mixer shower is easy to install and is more flexible in terms of positioning. As for concealed mixer showers, this type of shower technology has become increasingly popular recently. Concealed mixer showers, such as our GT650 Concealed Mixer Shower, are fitted into a cavity or space behind the wall and provide a neater finish to your bathroom.

GT650 Concealed Mixer Shower


Installing a New Shower

If you are fitting a shower yourself, be sure to read all of the user manuals and installation instructions beforehand to ensure that the fitting is done correctly. You can often download installation guides online if you want to read up on installation instructions before you buy. However, if you choose an electric shower you should always have it installed by a qualified electrician, so you will need to consider this in your budget at the outset.