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Gainsborough electric showers - suitable for the whole family

Installing an electric shower is convenient for families or large households. Cold water is heated instantly so you needn’t worry about running out of hot water or waiting for water to heat up. Our range of electric showers all feature a number of family-friendly safety features including an anti-scald device and a phased shutdown which protects the next shower user from a blast of hot water when they first turn on the shower. 

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All our electric showers carry the European Water Label and are rated Energy Efficiency 'A'      


 5 reasons to choose an electric shower

Electric showers remain the best selling type of shower in the UK. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • *Easy to use – just press the start button and turn the temperature dial to select your desired temperature. It couldn’t be simpler.
  • * An electric shower is suitable for any home as it works completely independently of your water heating system.
  • * You’ll never run out of hot water! Electric showers heat cold water on demand, so there is no need to rely on there being water left in the hot water tank or to wait around for more water to be heated.  Ideal for busy households! 
  • * An electric shower runs off the mains cold water rather than your household heating system, so if you have low hot water pressure in your house then an electric shower could be the answer. 
  • * Available in a range of styles and colours. White electric showers remain ever popular, but if you are looking to make more of a statement or want something a little different to match the rest of your bathroom décor choose a satin chrome electric shower instead. Or, for a striking design contrast, browse our range of graphite electric showers.

What to consider when buying an electric shower

An electric shower is possibly the most flexible option available as it works with any type of heating system. Before you buy an electric shower, however, there are a few points you should consider:

  • * Which power rating? Electric showers are available in 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW. The higher the kilowatt rating the faster the shower is able to heat the water and so the more powerful the water flow. However, bear in mind that a lower kilowatt rating means less electricity is used and so will be cheaper to run.
  • * Is your electrical wiring suitable? If you have an existing electric shower and wish to replace it with a shower with the same kilowatt rating you can make a straight swap. However, if this is a new installation or you are increasing or decreasing the kilowatt rating you should consult a Part P registered electrician to ensure your electrical cabling is adequate.
  • * Is your water pressure sufficient? Most people have reasonable pressure from their mains cold water but you should check that it does reach the minimum pressure recommended by the manufacturer before you buy.

To help you decide which model of electric shower to purchase, when you browse our range of electric showers you can view detailed technical requirements for each electric shower unit, or for more advice visit our frequently asked questions. It is important to take note of the above questions when deciding which electric shower to buy, and of course, which model complements your style of bathroom the best.

Still not sure if an electric shower is right for you? We can help you choose the right shower technology for your household.

Tips on how to fit an electric shower

If you have an old Gainsborough shower model that you are looking to replace be sure to check out our replacement shower guide. We recommend the latest model with the same (or closest) fittings to your existing electric shower to make the installation of your new shower quick and easy.

If you are having an electric shower fitted in your home for the first time or if your new shower has a different power rating (kW rating) to your old model then make sure a Part P registered electrician certifies that the cabling is adequate and conforms with current building regulations.

Customer Reviews

"I have had two Gainsborough 8.5 E showers for several years, and have found them to be excellent & very reliable showers. If it became necessary to replace them I would buy the same again."
Mr Welburn, December 2012 - Mr Welburn bought a Short Outlet Pipe (PRD) for his 8.5 E Electric Shower

"We would just like to say that we ordered this shower to replace our existing shower, to replace new for old. Hoping the footprint of the replacement would be the same. Not only did this prove true, but in 6 years the price had only increased by £7.50. We ordered the shower online Saturday afternoon, it was processed Monday, and we received the shower Tuesday. We couldn't be happier with the service, or the quality of our Gainsborough Shower."
Mr and Mrs Fraser, April 2012 - Mr and Mrs Fraser bought a 9.5 se White Electric shower

"Easy site to navigate and love the next day free delivery for the emergency replacement shower that I bought. Thank you!"
Mrs Youssof, April 2012 - Mrs Youssof bought a Stanza 9.5 Electric Shower

"Excellent process, including price, delivery and product. Very rare to find a manufacturer's retail website the most competitively priced."
Mr Hollick, March 2012 - Mr Hollick bought an 8.5 se White Electric Shower

"Just purchased a replacement Gainsborough shower, my last Gainsborough RE600 lasted 13 years without any problems, had no hesitation in purchasing an other Gainsborough."
Mrs Ross, January 2012 - Mrs Ross bought a Stanza 8.5 White Electric Shower