How To Choose A Suitable Shower For Your Home

How do you feel about a bathroom refurbishment? Undertaking this project will require considerable time and effort, so this process often brings as much of a challenge as it does personal satisfaction when everything is finally complete. A bathroom refurbishment incorporates obvious aspects such as buying a new bathroom suite and redecorating, but often hides hidden costs for necessities such as new shower units and accessories that you may not think about when you first start the work. You definitely don’t want your bathroom refurbishment to break the bank, so visiting specialised websites and doing some research could help save you money. Online companies offer high quality showers, bathtubs, basins, etc. at affordable prices and shopping around online can help to keep your project within budget. However, it’s important to keep in mind that different shower types are suitable for different water systems and thorough research must be done to ensure the right shower is chosen.

There are various types of shower available to choose from. The two major categories include mixer and electric showers which you can then narrow down to choose by finish, power rating, design, installation style, water system and other features. The question is what type of shower is the most suitable for your bathroom? The most significant difference between an electric and mixer shower is that the former is designed for heating water immediately in a shower unit and runs from the mains cold water supply, whilst the latter is suitable for homes where hot water is readily available. A reliable mixer shower is able to mix cold and hot water and thus provide the user with a good water flow.

If you are concerned about the look of your shower, there’s no need to worry! There are a wide range of finishes available, including black, chrome and the traditional white. You can pick the finish you like most whilst taking into consideration the design of your bathroom and the features of the shower in question. If you opt for a mixer shower it is also possible to buy concealed showers, where the majority of the pipework is hidden in the walls. This gives a minimalistic design and may be suitable for those with a smaller bathroom. An exposed mixer shower, however, will be easier and less time consuming to fit, especially if you are on a short timescale.

You should always take into account the type of water system in your home when choosing the most suitable shower. Some mixer showers offer variations for different types of water systems to provide the best performance with combi boiler, gravity-fed and high pressure options available.

Finally, if you need a good replacement electric shower you can take advantage of reliable multi-fit showers which are designed as great replacement solutions. They boast a number of features which make the installation process trouble-free. For instance, large front covers can easily conceal marks from previous shower installations. They also have numerous water and cable entry options to aid the installation process.

To summarise, there are multiple stylish, budget-friendly showers available on the market. They include electric, mixer, gravity-fed, high pressure, thermostatic, etc. models in different finishes and designs, and with this range available, there should be a shower to suit every bathroom!