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The Features Of Electric Showers

Economical showers are a great way of saving money. If you’re concerned with your gas bills and the amount of money you spend on ensuring you have enough hot water, electric showers are a recommended choice. The main defining aspect of electric showers is that they only heat the water that you use. The internal heating element, powered by electricity as opposed to gas, is only switched on for the time that the shower is on. So all of your hot water gets utilised and you waste less energy.

But this isn’t the only benefit. Electric type showers are often cheaper than other models and easy to install. The popularity of these showers means that it won’t take a professional long to have your new shower installed and running. There are a variety of other features on electric showers that provide other benefits, from safety considerations to ensuring the devices continued functionality.

Phased shutdown is a very useful feature and is incorporated into the majority of popular electric showers. Basically, this means that once you’ve finished your shower and you hit the stop button, the shower will continue to run for another ten to fifteen seconds. The water that comes out after the shutdown is cold. By simply adding ten seconds of cold water at the end of every shower this prevents build up of lime scale on the heating element that is within each of the showers, regardless of design or manufacture. The build up of lime scale can reduce the life of electric showers so this is an important feature to look for. Phased shutdown also acts as a built in safety system, by running cold water at the end of a shower it means that the next person to turn the shower on won’t be at risk from a blast of hot water.

Many people raise concerns over water pressure on electric showers because of the fact that they are pressurised from the mains water supplies. In winter when it’s colder does my shower pressure get reduced? Can I fit a booster pump to increase water pressure? Is there a way of getting high pressure electric showers that don’t suffer from poor water pressure at higher temperatures?

All of the answers to these questions can be found by looking online at stockists and suppliers of modern showers. Essentially each shower model type has positives and negatives and some of the questions above are valid concerns for any potential buyers of electric showers.

Water pressure is indeed dictated by that of the cold water supply into the house, and in winter the colder water temperatures can result in lower pressure as it becomes harder to heat the water quickly.

As they run from the mains water supply, these showers can be installed regardless of what water system is in your home. Unfortunately, unlike other shower models, you cannot fit booster pumps to electric showers. However, if you’re looking for the simplicity and eco-friendly budget of an electric shower you can get higher pressure equivalents by looking for a higher power rating. Electric showers can be purchased at 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW, the higher the power rating, the more pressure that can be guaranteed from your shower.