Combi Showers, How Are They Different And What Can They Offer?

When considering what type of shower you want to purchase you should first look at the water system in your home. Is it a cistern, gravity-fed system with large water storage tanks? Is it a combination boiler which supplies hot water on demand? Do you want an electric shower that is independent of the hot water system and runs directly from the mains? There are several choices, all at varying costs with different benefits.

Combi showers rely on a combination boiler water system to be installed in your home already. Because of their compact and efficient nature you will find that the majority of new-build households are fitted with combination boilers. The benefits of combination boilers are they are more compact – with no large water storage tank – and can often fit into a small unit within your kitchen. Combi boilers provide instant hot water on demand, but without the expense of powering an electrical element.

Combi showers rely on the presence of a combination boiler to source its hot water. Because of this, you will find combi mixer showers often have an overall better pressure than electric showers. House owners with existing high pressure systems such as combi boilers can enjoy the benefit of higher pressure combi showers. Because of their design they are in fact more costly than an electric shower as an upfront purchase, but can be cheaper to install due to the removal of the complications of electrics.

Combi showers offer a variety of benefits and features which should be reviewed before considering a purchase. There are numerous designs available, ranging from both exposed and concealed, and they come with a vast array of different style features such as shower head design and temperature dials design. All of the best suppliers of combi showers show you images of what you can expect your shower to look like once installed.

If you are after a more minimalistic look in your bathroom the concealed combi shower is the choice for you. Overall it is more difficult to install, requiring a cavity to be created in your bathroom wall for the shower components to be fitted into, before re-rendering the bathroom wall around the shower. However, the finished results of the concealed look combi shower are very effective and look very smart and modern. If it all sounds like too much hassle you can go for an exposed combi shower. This comes with all the benefits of the concealed version but with the added ease of install on the surface of the bathroom wall.

No matter whether you choose the concealed or the exposed combi shower, you can expect a variety of features to be present. Thermostatic control can maintain a constant temperature of water in the shower and they have reduced lime scale build up due to the operating nature of the shower. The combi shower is a great choice if you like your showers to be reliable - and if you want a nice minimalistic chrome design.