White electric showers

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Glossy white electric showers

Our popular white electric showers are both stylish and practical. With a classic gloss white finish, an electric shower is a complementary addition to any bathroom. Gainsborough offers a selection of white electric showers that are affordable, easy to install and economical to run as they minimise wastage by heating only the water used.

Gainsborough white electric showers

Our advanced showering technology has allowed us to develop white electric showers with a push start / stop button and a single dial that controls both the temperature and the flow rate. There is simply no need for the multitude of buttons, switches or lights that appear on some white electric showers.

Our white electric showers all feature ‘spray control’ and patented ‘active’ nozzles in the shower head which automatically adjust to ensure an even spray pattern. In addition, a number of safety features including a phased shut-down, which protects the next user from a burst of hot water, means our white electric showers are ideal for all the family.

Choosing the right electric shower

With so much variety it can be hard to choose an electric shower. That’s why we offer tailored advice on choosing showers to support you in selecting the best shower for your home.