10.5kw electric showers

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10.5 kW electric showers

When choosing an electric shower the kilowatt rating is the key in determining how powerful your shower will be. A 10.5 kW electric shower is the highest kilowatt rating currently available and will provide a more powerful shower than an 8.5 or 9.5 kW shower. If a powerful shower is important to you then take a look at our range of Gainsborough 10.5 kW showers.

Electric showers work by passing cold water over a heating element and slowing the flow of water to get a higher temperature. The heating element in Gainsborough 10.5 kW electric showers heats the water quicker than a lower wattage shower allowing a high flow rate of water.

Choose a Gainsborough 10.5 kW electric shower for your home

All our 10.5 kW electric showers are designed and manufactured with your safety and comfort in mind. As standard, a Gainsborough 10.5 kW electric shower features an over temperature protection system and a phased shut down safety device making them ideal for use by your whole family.

A 10.5 kW electric shower will be an instant improvement to your bathroom, offering high quality at an affordable price.

Choosing the right shower can often be a stressful chore, so why not benefit from our helpful advice about choosing showers today.