9.5kw electric showers

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9.5kW showers

A 9.5 kW electric shower is the ideal choice for a shower that offers both affordability and an excellent showering experience every day. A 9.5 kW electric shower uses less electricity than a higher wattage shower, such as the 10.5 kw electric shower range, yet it is powerful enough to heat water quickly allowing a high flow of water, and will be more powerful than our range of 8.5 kW electric showers.

Gainsborough 9.5 kW electric showers provide excellent value for money and will continue to save you money throughout their lifespan by heating only the water you require.

Gainsborough Electric 9.5 kW showers - safe showering for all the family

Our 9.5 kW electric showers all feature a number of safety features that make them suitable for the whole family, both old and young. An over temperature protection system prevents an unsafe temperature from being selected and a phased shut-down feature cools the heating element so that when the shower is turned on again the next user doesn’t experience a burst of overly hot water.

Gainsborough 9.5 kW electric showers are a good choice for families or large households where showers may be used frequently as they can provide an instant hot shower at any time of the day or night. Even if your main hot water system was to fail, a 9.5 kW electric shower would still provide a hot shower as it heats water taken directly from the cold mains supply.

Choosing the right shower can be a difficult task, so take advantage of our helpful advice about choosing showers today.