8.5kw electric showers

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8.5kW showers - quality at an affordable price

If you are looking for a cost-effective shower then look no further than a Gainsborough 8.5 kW electric shower. An 8.5 kW shower uses less electricity and water than a higher wattage shower yet still provides an excellent showering experience. What’s more an 8.5 kW electric shower is environmentally-friendly as it heats only the water you use and works independently of your household hot water system. This also means that if your boiler were to fail, you will still be able to enjoy a hot shower.

Gainsborough 8.5 kW showers

Gainsborough Showers offers a comprehensive range of 8.5 kW electric showers all with a sleek modern design. Choose from a range of shower finishes to complement your bathroom design including classic white, contemporary satin chrome or stylish gloss black.

Gainsborough 8.5 kW showers all take advantage of our advanced technology to make your showering experience easy, relaxing and safe for the whole family. Rather than lots of buttons, dials and switches, our showers feature one simple start / stop button and a single dial that controls both flow and temperature. Our 8.5 kW electric showers also benefit from ‘active nozzles’ and spray control technology so you can always enjoy the best possible water flow when you shower. They also have a phased shut-down feature that cools the heating element so when the shower is turned on again the next user doesn’t experience a burst of overly hot water.

Looking for the right shower can often be difficult, so you can find lots of helpful on-site advice about choosing showers to help make your decision easier.