Manual mixer showers

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    About manual mixer showers

    A manual mixer shower is a budget-friendly mixer shower offering excellent quality and a simple modern design. They are suitable for use with all household water systems and usually provide a more powerful shower than electric models, particularly on high pressure systems.

    Manual mixer showers are reliable and hard wearing, offering greater resistance to limescale than other types of shower.

    Choose a Gainsborough manual shower

    As their name suggests, manual mixer showers mix hot and cold water together to reach the desired temperature and are ideal for households where hot water is readily available. Temperature is controlled manually by turning a single lever that also controls the level of water flow.

    Choose from a concealed or an exposed manual mixer shower with a modern chrome finish. Our manual mixer showers have coordinating chrome accessories and the showerheads feature a rub clean spray plate for easy cleaning and to minimise the build up of lime scale.

    If you are still not sure which type of shower is the best for you, why not view our information on choosing showers today.