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Mixer showers for combi boiler systems

Combination boilers have become increasingly popular in UK households as they provide hot water on demand and take up minimal space with no need for water storage tanks in the loft and airing cupboard. Showers for combi boilers are often termed as 'combi showers', 'combi mixer showers' or 'combi boiler showers'.

As the hot water is supplied at mains pressure, combi boiler showers provide a good water flow and a more enjoyable shower.

Gainsborough Combi Mixer Showers

Our combi showers are made to the highest standards offering a high quality and reliable showering experience. With a simple and modern design in a chrome finish, a Gainsborough combi shower will complement any bathroom style.

Combi mixer showers are also easy to install and maintain. They are a particularly good option in areas of hard water as a combi shower generally resists lime scale build-up more effectively than other types of shower available.

If you are unsure which shower to choose then our clear and simple advice on choosing showers will make it far simpler for you.