September 2011

Have a browse through our bathroom and shower articles from September:

Why We Love Showers

Humans have always wanted to be clean – be it religious, cultural, practical or aesthetic reasons, the feeling of being clean, refreshed...

6 September 2011

Redecorating and Redesigning A Bathroom

A person’s house is their castle: British people are hugely proud of their gardens, houses and homes. Renovation and redecoration is a hugely popular activity with people enjoying changing the look of their kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms...

14 September 2011

Choosing Electric Showers

Our modern bathrooms are places to wash, relax and prepare our bodies for the day ahead. In these rooms, there is a toilet, a washbasin and – the focus of this article – a shower. Of the various different types of showers available on the market...

20 September 2011

The Environmental Benefits of Electric Showers

There are some eye-opening statistics related to our use of resources. Electricity, gas and water – we use them all frequently, regularly and, in all cases, too much. Shockingly, the average person in England and Wales can use up to 150 litres of water every day...

26 September 2011