Which Shower Is Right For You?

Whereas once the bath was the most important feature in the bathroom, the shower is now becoming an important part of our increasingly busy lives. On a day to day basis, most people now prefer the quickness of showers compared to baths, to fit in with their busy lifestyles, preferring to bathe when taking time out to relax.

Types of Shower

When looking for a new bathroom shower, you will quickly notice just how many different types of shower are available on the market. Choosing the right shower does depend on your own specific requirements as to which shower would provide you with the most benefits – do you want one that feeds from the boiler, or an electric shower? Is the strength of the water output important to you? Your decision will be largely dependent on your existing setup, but it is important to consider all options, especially if you are having a bathroom revamp and would consider changing the existing set up of the shower system.

Electric Showers

Electric showers are a very popular option because they can heat up the water for your shower independently of your boiler. This means that you always have hot water waiting for you when you take your shower. It is an energy efficient option as you only heat the water you use.

Mixer Showers

A mixer shower blends hot and cold water together to reach your selected temperature. Mixer showers can be used with any hot water system, although in homes with low water pressure you may wish to add a shower pump for a better shower experience. It is always best to choose a mixer shower which is thermostatic. This means that there will be no more bursts of hot or cold water should someone else in the house use water while you are showering.

Concealed or Exposed Showers

There are many different ways of adding a shower to your bathroom. One of the simplest ways is to install a shower unit on the wall above your bath – this is known as an “exposed” shower and is a great option for ease of fitting. You simply then need to add a shower screen to your existing bath and you are ready to go, but there are other ways of installing a shower to your home too. Concealed showers are very popular with people who prefer a minimalist approach to designing their homes, and do not wish for exposed pipework to be seen once the shower is fitted and the bathroom complete.