October 2011

Take a look at some of our shower articles from October to help you find the right shower:

The Advantages of Electric Showers

In a busy household electric showers can be a much better option than showers that run from a large cold water storage tank. Electric showers ensure that a hot shower is always available to all members of your family...

3 October 2011

Which Shower Is Right For You?

Whereas once the bath was the most important feature in the bathroom, the shower is now becoming an important part of our increasingly busy lives. On a day to day basis, most people now prefer the quickness of showers compared to baths...

12 October 2011

How Do Electric Showers Work?

Electric showers are undoubtedly one of the greatest modern conveniences currently available to us. They allow us to have a relaxing, hot shower at any time of the day or night...

20 October 2011

Choosing The Right Shower For Your Home

A lot of homes have a shower unit as well as, or instead of a bath, as it is very convenient to be able to have a wash quickly, especially at busy times such as the morning when getting ready for work or school...

26 October 2011