What Buyers Should Know Before Purchasing Combi Showers

As each bathroom and showering environment is completely different, manufacturers have produced a range of showers to cater for the needs of homeowners. These include electric showers, a range of mixer showers such as combi showers, and digital showers. Combi showers have become increasingly popular nowadays with the increase in combi boilers in UK households. They blend both hot and cold water together to reach the selected temperature. It means that a person won’t be required to adjust faucets constantly to thoroughly mix the water. This may save customers a lot of time as well as helping the environment as not so much water is wasted while the temperature is adjusted.

Combi showers have been designed specifically for the nuances of a combination boiler heating system. Whilst most mixer showers are suitable to use with any type of heating system and will provide a good shower, a combi shower will provide the optimum shower for houses with combination boilers. Combination boilers heat water on demand direct from the mains and so usually provide a high water pressure and therefore a good flow rate for a shower. It is not necessary to install a pump with a combi shower. 

Combi showers allow hot and cold water to be mixed and released from the same valve, which makes adjusting both pressure and temperature an easy task. Water temperature and pressure are controlled by simply turning the knob or lever. Thermostatic shower mixers have an in-built safety device which prevents scalding or freezing the user. This is the main advantage of using a thermostatic mixer shower over manual combi showers. Even when there is a drop in the hot or cold water flow rate, the thermostatic mixer showers will automatically adjust the shower to maintain a constant temperature, providing customers with the optimum showering experience.

When purchasing combi boiler showers, it is necessary to remember that price remains an important factor. Cost can vary greatly depending upon the type of a mixer shower and the brand. Customers should determine the most cost efficient unit for their home, even if it means spending more at the beginning to save more in the future. Besides, customers need to consider whether the type of shower meets all safety and technical specifications. All good online retailers will clearly list the installation requirements but if you are unsure it is worth checking with the retailer, manufacturer or installer before you purchase.

Choosing to install combi showers is a very good idea for households with a combi boiler. Before making a purchase it is necessary to do research in order to select the perfect unit for your bathroom and home. Using the internet is an excellent way to do this from the comfort of your home, with the best websites providing plenty of advice and information to help you choose.