How An Electric Shower Can Improve Life In Any Household

It may seem like a broad statement to say that electric showers can transform the way a household operates, but really, to some extent, it is true. Imagine the average morning of your current household, how many of you have to get ready in the short interval between the alarm going off and the time that you need to be in the car or at the bus stop?

Depending on the circumstances of the occupants within the house, morning timescales will depend partly on how many people need to take a shower and how long for. Electric showers are a wise choice for homes with large families or for landlords that let houses out for student accommodation. These types of home often have a large amount of people needing to make use of a shower in a short space of time.

The hot water system that is currently installed in the house will have an impact on the current performance you receive from your shower. Houses with hot water tanks and with large families will often find that there is a limit to how much hot water is available and therefore how long each family member can spend in the shower, this also often applies to a student house. Up to five different individuals can find themselves sharing a student house and there is nothing more frustrating than finding out there is no hot water left after all of the other housemates have taken a shower!

By looking online, by pricing up an affordable solution, and by finding a professional plumber with the necessary qualifications to install electric showers, you honestly could transform the mornings in your home. Electric showers run on the principle of heating up only the water required for the shower. A bit like a kettle, a hot shower is provided by a power button on the front of the electric shower, which ā€“ in turn ā€“ powers a heating element, past which the water flows. As long as there is electricity, if the shower is switched on, there will be warm water.

Electric showers are completely independent of a houseā€™s inbuilt hot water system. So regardless if you have a boiler, of combi-boiler or limited capacity hot water tank, there will always be hot water available in your shower for each and every member of the household if electric showers are your choice.

Mixer showers are the most common shower installed in homes today. However, these showers rely on mixing hot water from the houses inbuilt hot water system, with cold water from the mains. These mixer showers only have hot water that is available from the heating system, once this runs out, there is no other way of getting hot water again other than turning the heating system back on. This can prove to be a very expensive method of ensuring hot showers every day, and you may find that electric showers are not only more reliable, but also far more cost effective.

Regardless of the type of household you live in, it may be worth looking online for electric showers to see if your time spent in the bathroom is a more enjoyable, reliable and cost effective one.