Get The Right Balance With 9.5kW Electric Showers

If you are looking for a replacement shower, you may be quite confused as to which style and type you should go for. In general, showers fall into two main categories: electric showers and mixer showers. Within these two categories there is then a wealth of options. For example, there are several categories of power ratings just for electric showers. The main three are the 8.5kW electric shower, the 9.5kW electric shower and the 10.5 kW electric shower. The different power ratings have implications for performance and cost which will be discussed later. There are also plenty of sub-categories within mixer showers. There are standard mixer showers, thermostatic showers with better temperature control, exposed showers, concealed showers, gravity fed showers, showers optimised for combi-boilers and igh pressure showers. For those of you that are unaware of the benefits of each of these, it can be quite a daunting prospect when selecting your replacement shower!

For example, if you want the benefit of a reliable, affordable shower which will provide you with a hot shower at any time of the day, regardless of whether your home hot water system has any hot water available, an electric shower could be the choice for you. Electric showers work independently of the hot water system that is installed in your home. They have integral heating elements that heat cold instantly meaning you will never have to wait for the hot water tank to refill.

However, even though electric showers are far more reliable when it comes to availability of hot water, they can suffer from a lack of water pressure, particularly in the winter when the shower has to work harder to heat the water to the desired temperatire. One major benefit of mixer showers is the ability to have a really high pressure shower (depending, of course, on water pressure in your home), but because the way electric showers work, the hotter you have the shower, the lower the flow of water.

As mentioned earlier, there are three main power ratings of electric shower available, and each of these has its own benefits. If affordability is your main concern, the cheapest shower is the 8.5kW electric shower. This uses the least amount of power to heat your water, but this means the water flow will be less. For the perfect balance, look for a 9.5kW electric shower. A 9.5kW electric shower has a higher power rating, meaning that more water can be heated in a shorter amount of time. This means that a 9.5kW electric shower can achieve a higher water flow at higher temperatures, and is still affordable. The highest power rating of electric shower is 10.5kW. This shower can achieve the highest water pressure available out of electric showers, however, this will cost slightly more  to operate (due to increased power consumption and greater volume of water used) and is more expensive to purchase as an upfront cost.

To get the best balance in terms of affordability and performance, it is recommended to look for a 9.5kW electric shower to suit your needs.