Find The Right Choice Of Shower For Your Home

Depending on your situation at home, you may be looking for a new shower, but how do you know which will be the right one for your bathroom? If you are looking to purchase a new shower it is probably either because you have a fault with your existing one, or you are renovating your bathroom. This can be an important factor in making your final decision on the shower that you require.

To begin with, how do you know which showers you should choose?

It is recommended that you start by looking at what you want the most from a shower  Are you after a shower that is more affordable? Is a high pressure shower - the performance of the shower - more of your concern? Or are you more concerned with how the shower looks in your bathroom? Have you recently re-decorated your bathroom and you are looking for a shower with a top design to follow suit? Once you’ve decided on your preferences and budget you should look online to see what options are available.

If you are after a cost effective and reliable shower, electric showers are probably the choice for you. Electric showers offer affordable prices, they offer reliability and economical function. The unique aspect of electric showers is hot water on demand. No matter what kind of hot water system that is installed in your home, the fact that electric showers are fitted with heating elements means that as cold water passes by the heating element, the water is heated. The temperature of the water within electric showers is controlled by regulating the speed of the water flowing past this heating electrical element. The longer the water is exposed to the element, the hotter it is. Therefore, this means you will lose some water pressure when the temperature is on the highest settings.

Mixer showers are preferable if you are after either higher pressure showers or if you’re after showers with a more versatile design. The main negative aspect with electric showers is that they require a box to be mounted on the wall, and while there are now some attractive designs these are still not to everyone’s taste. If you have just spent the time and money to refurbish your bathroom, mixer showers allow concealed designs which can fit into cavities behind the tile work or wall face. This means that you can install modern, minimalistic designs that have only the shower head and the water flow and temperature controls exposed. These modern concealed designs rely on reliable hot water systems in your home and do take longer to install, but the results can prove very impressive.

Another feature of mixer showers is the added facility to be able to increase the rate of water flow and the overall shower water pressure by installing high pressure water pumps into the unit. Unfortunately, electric showers cannot accommodate water pumps, however, if affordability, constant hot water and water pressure are preferable, you can look for higher power rated electric showers that can heat the cold water in a shorter amount of time and maintain water pressure at higher temperatures.