Electric Showers - The Ideal Choice For Large Families

Now that summer is well and truly upon us, there are even more ways for your kids to get dirty playing outside and even more chance of an impromptu trip to the bathroom to take a shower. Summer brings about a true sense of fun for all the family; the days last longer, the sun comes out, your children have more chance to get outside and take part in all the activities that summer weather allows.

Unfortunately, most of these activities will result in a more frequent requirement to get cleaned up again, and this is where your shower comes in. Depending on your hot water system, most households can reduce the temperature on their heating thermostat, and adjust the amount of time that both the heating and the hot water go on for in summer months. By adjusting the thermostat properly, a household can save quite a lot on utility bills in the warmer weather.

However, any household with a large family can find that a hot shower can be needed at any time of the day. Unfortunately, for those households without electric showers, this can mean that there isn’t enough hot water to take a shower, or there is no hot water at all! There is nothing worse than trying to control some children in desperate need of a wash whilst you wait for the hot water to heat up. Electric showers can help to prevent this scenario.

The way that electric showers work means that they are completely independent from your household’s hot water system. By working with an in built electrical element, electric showers only heat the water that is required. All of the water that goes into the shower is cold, it passes over an electrical element which instantaneously heats the water, creating a nice warm shower at any time of the day, and no matter whether your hot water system has any hot water available or not.

Electric showers are great for larger households with large families simply because of the added economy they provide and the fact that no matter what time of day, there will be hot water available on demand.

Whether it’s that unscheduled football match your child just took part in, or whether Dad has got a bit sodden on his latest fishing trip, there is hot water available, thanks to the heating technology adopted. As briefly mentioned earlier, electric showers are considered by some to be more eco-friendly than other types of showers such as mixer showers as they only heat the water required and there is no waste.

Showers of this nature mean you don’t waste money heating up water within your hot water system that doesn’t actually end up being used. There is nothing more inefficient then heating and paying money to get hot water only for it to cool down again in your tank, un-used. The heating element in electric showers means that only when you need hot water do heat it.

To see how you could possibly save yourself money on your utility bills and how your bathroom can always be ready for that un-scheduled shower, look online for electric showers.