Do You Have Two Bathrooms And Need A New Shower?

If your home has two bathrooms, are you looking into adding an additional shower into the second bathroom? Most homes with two bathrooms will normally only have one shower installed by default – especially if it is a new build home – the second bathroom may only feature a toilet, sink and bath.

To really make full use of this second bathroom, a new shower installation would give the occupants of your house more options, and more flexibility. Most baths in second bathrooms are only used few and far between. This is because in this modern day lifestyle we rarely have the time to stop and spend a decent amount of time taking a bath. Unfortunately, baths take up more time, use more hot water, and so cost more money than most households can really afford, but as an alternative, try looking into electric showers.

Electric showers work really well in second bathrooms as they are independent of the main hot water system that is installed in the house. If you already have a shower in your first bathroom, and this is a mixer shower, it is probably not the best idea to install a second mixer shower in your second bathroom. Unless you have a very reliable hot water system, the best option for many households would be to install electric showers. These provide hot water on demand via use of an inbuilt heating element, providing hot water whenever it is required, any time of day.

By installing electric showers into second bathrooms, no matter what is already occupying your main bathroom (someone taking a bath, taking a shower, using the toilet) your second bathroom will be available for use for a member of your household to take a shower. Imagine the added flexibility that this would provide to your home. Do you often house guests that stop over night? Do you have a large family that all need to start getting ready at the same time every morning? With the added functionality of electric showers installed in a second bathroom, you could really make full use of your home, to the benefit of all the family.

Electric showers are a good choice due to their moderate cost and the economical aspect of the devices. Because they only heat up the water that is needed via the internal heating element, no energy is wasted. As soon as the shower is switched off, the water needed for the shower is no longer heated.

Electric showers are also a cheap model of shower to purchase; most units are very affordable with prices of showers starting from as little as £60. The only downside to electric showers is the fact that they require a qualified plumber to install them. As you probably know, electricity around water is dangerous in the wrong hands! So if you’re getting your new shower fitted, make sure you pay the cost for a fully certified electrical shower installer.

If you have a second bathroom that needs a new shower, take a look online to see what your options are when you come to install.