Choose Electric Showers For That Mix Of Reliability And Affordability

Electric showers are the perfect choice for those homes that have unreliable hot water systems or small hot water tanks. There is nothing worse than running out of hot water half way through a shower and having to wait for the hot water tank to refill before the next person can use it.

To avoid this annoying issue, an electric shower is the best choice for you. Electric showers operate completely independently from the hot water system that is installed in your home. They work a bit like a kettle, heating the water on demand regardless of the power rating of the shower, whether it is an 8.5kW electric shower, a 9.5kW electric shower, or the highest rated 10.5kW electric shower, they all work in exactly the same way. Cold water from the mains supply goes into the shower, and passes over an internal heating element to give instant hot water.

Electric showers work with fully functioning inbuilt heating mechanisms, meaning that no matter how much hot water you have or haven’t got available from your heating system’s boiler, your electric shower will always provide hot water. An 8.5kW shower will use less power to heat water. This means that for a hotter shower, the water has to pass through the shower slower so that the water is exposed to the internal heating element for longer.  What this means effectively is, if you would like a hotter shower, the water flow from the shower will be lower. If you have a 9.5kW electric shower, this runs at a higher power rating. Effectively this means that more water can be heated more quickly as the internal heating element is more powerful. In a 9.5kW electric shower the water can pass by the internal heating element more quickly, resulting in a higher water flow from the shower at higher temperatures.

The highest power rating available at most shower retailers for electric showers is 10.5kW. These showers are more costly than a 9.5kW electric shower both in terms of the price you pay for the shower, but also the operating cost of the shower. The 9.5kW electric shower needs less power to run, and so will be more economical on your utility bills than a 10.5kW electric shower will be. However, as the power rating is higher in a 10.5kW shower, if a powerful shower is more important than expense, this is the choice for you. This shower can heat up water quicker than any other electric shower, meaning hotter water at higher pressure.

Regardless of your final choice of electric shower, be sure to evaluate all three versions on offer and see which aspects and features are most important to you and your home. For the perfect mix of reliability (constant water temperature, hot water always available) and affordability, a 9.5kW electric shower would be the recommended choice.