Which Type To Choose: Mixer Or Electric Showers?

Installing a shower in your home can be a good alternative to a bath because generally they use less water and save you time, but the eco aspect all depends on the type of shower you choose to install. If you have one of the modern electric showers with a low-flow head and you use it for a short 5 minute shower, it may be very efficient and can save you a fair amount of money when compared to the amount of water and heating involved in taking a bath. Please see the following points regarding the different shower types available to help decide which type to install in your home.

Mixer showers

Mixer showers are simple to use; as their name suggests, they work by mixing hot and cold water, running from separate pipes, to reach the desired water temperature. A single stream of water is ejected from the shower head at the temperature you set by adjusting the taps on the shower valve.

Thermostatic mixer showers feature additional technology to regulate the temperature and prevent temperature fluctuations even someone switches on a tap or flushes a toilet elsewhere in your house and the water supply to the shower is suddenly reduced.

Mixer showers are available in either concealed or exposed models. Concealed mixer showers have the pipework hidden within the wall giving an elegant and minimalistic look, whilst an exposed shower is surface mounted on the wall but is cheaper and easier to install.

Electric showers

An electric shower heats cold water instantly so you don’t need to worry about running out of hot water or waiting for water to heat up. It supplies a steady stream of hot water only when it’s required. You have no need to heat water and then store it; you can simply turn the unit on and enjoy a hot shower at any time of the day or night.

All electric showers work on the same principle: cold water passes over an electrically heated element and the temperature is controlled by the rate at which the water flows over the element. Electric showers are available in a range of different power ratings, the most popular being 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5kW. A higher power rating means the shower is able to heat up the water quicker and so it gives a more powerful water flow. However, this also means the running costs will be higher than a lower power rated model as more water and electricity is used.

Buying showers online

Opting to buy online can give you the broadest choice of showers available. Whether you choose to install an electric or a mixer shower, make sure you buy from a reputable website which provides a contact telephone number in case you need any help or advice and that offers a good returns policy and reasonable delivery charges.