Three Types Of Showers: Which One To Choose?

In order to choose the most suitable type of shower for your home, it’s vital to take into account a number of factors that will help to determine which type is the right one for you. Key factors to consider when looking at the showers available are your household hot water system, budget and installation costs. A mixer shower is most suitable for houses where hot water is readily available, for example. This article gives you a short overview of the major shower types and their characteristics.

The electric shower

Cost-efficient electric showers are fed directly from the mains cold water supply and are able to provide the user with constant hot water supply on demand. This type of shower is ideal for homes with an unreliable hot water supply. The water is heated as it passes over an element inside the shower unit and you can adjust temperature and water flow according to your preference. Using an electric shower is also economical as it heats the exact amount of water that you need, without wasting energy and water. For this reason, the electric shower is considered to be an environmentally friendly option.

When looking for a quality electric shower, remember to take into account whether it has features that reduce the build up of limescale, such as rub clean spray plates and safety features such as an over-temperature protection system, that will protect the user from selecting an unsafe temperature.

The mixer shower

Mixer showers are able to mix hot and cold water in the shower unit to give you the temperature you need, hence the name ‘mixer showers’. A mixer shower can give you the most efficient performance if hot and cold water are supplied at the same pressure, which is why the mixer shower is often installed on high pressure systems, mains fed systems and tank fed systems. If you are not quite sure which type of system you have, you should consult a plumbing specialist before buying your new shower, or use an online guide to identify your system and ensure your new shower is compatible.

When looking for a mixer shower, be sure to consider the benefits of both exposed and concealed options; exposed showers are easier to install whereas concealed showers may result in higher labour costs due to the more complex installation requirements. Concealed mixer showers do help to give the bathroom a neat minimalist look, however.

The power shower

The power shower is a good option if you have low water pressure. A power shower unit mixes the hot and cold water to reach the desired temperature and incorporates a powerful electric pump to boost the water flow rate. This type of shower is really convenient to use with simple controls and provides an invigorating shower. However, keep in mind that power showers use a lot more water than standard electric or mixer showers meaning they are much less efficient and more expensive to run.