Showers: What You Need To Know

More and more people prefer taking a shower to a bath these days; modern life is often too hectic for people to want to wait for the bath to fill, especially when a shower offers a quick alternative and can save water too. No wonder more and more people nowadays are installing one or more showers in their homes. There is a wide range of shower options to choose from, however, which can make the snap decision to install a shower into more of a lengthy process, but once you’ve decided which type is right for your bathroom, it should be relatively quick and simple to get your shower installed and working.

Despite the diversity of showers available both on the high street and and online, there are two main types of showers to choose from; mixer and electric.  The choice of a shower depends not only on your design preferences but mainly on your type of home water system, and if you are happy to use it to run the shower. If your home water system is fairly reliable to provide enough hot water and a powerful flow, then you can choose a mixer shower system, or if you prefer to have something independent from your home water system, then an electric shower is a good option for your household.

Mixer showers 

Mixer showers are fairly traditional in UK households; they are called this because both hot and cold water is mixed in a valve within the shower system before it reaches the shower head. Depending on the type of water system you have in your home, you can opt for a system specific shower; choose from gravity fed, combination boiler or high pressure mixer showers.

Mixer showers, known for their reliability and greater resistance to limescale, are designed in a wide variety of styles. Exposed mixer showers are mounted on the wall surface alloring easier maintenance and installation, while concealed mixer showers are very minimalistic and provide a neater finish to any bathroom or a shower cubicle. A mixer shower featuring thermostatic technology is an increasingly popular choice, as it makes automatic adjustments to maintain constant water even when a tap is turned on elsewhere in the house..

Electric showers

What is especially good about electric showers is that they can be used in conjuction with any domestic water system. An electric shower works like a heater that is connected to the mains cold water and heats the water instantaneously as it flows through the shower unit. This type of shower is very economical and cost-effective, as you only heat the amount of water that is needed for the shower. The electric shower is becoming increasingly popular in the UK today, and as a result shower manufacturers are constantly coming up with new designs and innovative features for their new products, including memory and thermostatic functions, together with stylish designs, thus making electric showers a favourite choice for many UK customers.