Electric Showers; Why Buy One?

Before choosing a shower it’s important to research the options available on the market. Modern showers come in a variety of different types that all have different features. The core ranges include electric showers and mixer showers, and then a wide variety of styles are included within these two, including different finishes, power ratings and style options.

The Advantages Of Electric Showers

Electric showers are very popular due to the advantages associated with installing one in the bathroom; one of the main reasons is their energy efficiency. Electric showers are easy to use and come with a wide range of safety features including anti-scald devices to prevent against accidental burning from hot water. Heating only the water required on demand, rather than heating a big tank of water, these type of showers are a good choice for people who want to find an efficient shower that looks smart whilst ensuring the device is safe for the whole family.

The Requirements for Installing an Electric Shower

Electric showers can be easily installed into any household, irrespective of the heating system the house has, and provide a constant supply of hot water for showering regardless of the time of day. In most cases they are connected to the mains cold water, which is heated by the element within the shower and passed through the unit. For showers of this type you should ensure the running water pressure to the shower is adequate. As a guide the water pressure should be between 0.9 and 10 bar but it is essential that you check the manufacturer’s technical requirements before you install any shower as this could vary.

The power output usually varies from 7.5kW to 10.5kW; with a higher power output the electric shower can heat more water per second, therefore providing a higher flow of water.

Where To Buy An Electric Shower

Electric showers are available both on the high street and online  For those who prefer shopping online, it is often best to use  a dedicated online shop  that offers showers of different types, designs and with different safety features so you can ensure you buy the best shower for your needs. Buying from a shower specialist may also mean that you will be able to benefit from their in-house shower consultants, who will be on hand should there be a problem with the shower or you have any questions both during or after the purchase to ask.

It is important to remember to check out the returns policy/terms and conditions for any shower you buy online, and also take advantage of retailers that offer perks such as free guarantees, free delivery or combined shipping prices. It is often possible to also buy extended protection policies that will cover you after the warranty has expired.