Electric Showers: Enhanced Functionality Combined With Modern Designs

Almost all households in the UK are connected to the central water mains in their area, so it may seem that problems with their water supply should be few and far between. This may be true, however, it seems that more and more people are preferring to switch to using electric showers as opposed to mixers, as this type of shower has a range of advantages  that make them a real value for money buy whilst negating any potential issues with using water heated by the boiler instead of the shower itself.  Before making the decision to buy an electric shower, however, please take note of the following points to decide whether this shower is right for you or not.

Features of Electric Showers

The way electric showers work is quite straightforward; they are connected to the cold water mains and the water is heated by running over an element within the shower itself so it comes out already warm for the user. They are easy to use by all members of the family, although it is important to take into account the various safety features available on the different electric shower models on the market, such as anti-scald devices, which prevents the water from reaching an unsafe temperature, and phased-shut down features which flush the shower unit with cold water before it turns off, to prevent the next user from receiving a blast of hot water.

Electric showers are also available in a variety of styles and finishes, meaning that any specifications you have with regards to the look and feel of them will also be catered for.

Additional features for your comfort and convenience

Additional features that have been designed for maximum ease of use and also easy maintenance of the shower include ‘rub clean’ spray plates (to minimise limescale build up), ‘spray control’ (automatic adjustment to any fluctuations in the mains water pressure and maintaining an even spray pattern) and silicone nozzles that expand and contract according to the rate of flow.

Modern Designs

Modern electric showers boast not only enhanced functionality but designs as well. New ‘softened form’ designs featuring a white, chrome or even a black finish allow the device to fit easily into modern interiors. Thanks to features such as the ‘rub clean’ spray plates and phased shut down which both help to minimise limescale, the life of your electric shower may be extended and is easier to clean.