June 2011

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Which Type To Choose: Mixer Or Electric Showers?

Installing a shower in your home can be a good alternative to a bath because generally they use less water and save you time, but the eco aspect all depends on the type of shower you choose to install...

1 June 2011

Three Types Of Showers: Which One To Choose?

In order to choose the most suitable type of shower for your home, it’s vital to take into account a number of factors that will help to determine which type is the right one for you...

6 June 2011

Showers: What You Need To Know

More and more people prefer taking a shower to a bath these days; modern life is often too hectic for people to want to wait for the bath to fill, especially when a shower offers a quick alternative and can save water too...

9 June 2011

Electric Showers May Save Nature And Your Money

According to recent statistics, the average person living in England and Wales uses around 150 litres of water per day. 6% of the UK's annual carbon emissions are related to water use, with nearly 90% of that coming from hot water use in households...

14 June 2011

Electric Showers: Enhanced Functionality Combined With Modern Designs

Almost all households in the UK are connected to the central water mains in their area, so it may seem that problems with their water supply should be few and far between. This may be true, however, it seems that more and more people are preferring to switch to using electric showers...

23 June 2011

Electric Showers; Why Buy One?

Before choosing a shower it’s important to research the options available on the market. Modern showers come in a variety of different types that all have different features.

29 June 2011