What Type Of Shower Should I Buy?

When it comes to looking for a replacement shower for your home, you will need to spend some time looking at the internal hot water system that is installed in your house before you can make a final decision. Unlike other items in your bathroom such as flooring, tiles and lighting, your choice of shower and the ultimate functionality of your shower will depend on a combination of what your home already has installed as well as which shower model you decide to purchase.

Basically, if you find that you have a limited hot water supply and you need a shower that gives you more hot water for longer, you’ll either want a new hot water system (such as removing your gravity fed system and getting a combi-boiler installed) or, the more cost effective solution would be to look for electric showers. Due to the way electric showers work, you will never be without hot water so long as there is power to switch your electric shower on!

If you are wondering how electric showers work, basically, think of them like giant kettles! They have an internal heating element (like a kettle) and this heating element heats cold water to a desired temperature before releasing the hot water to the desired location. This means that electric showers are completely independent of your existing hot water system. So if you find that with the current water system installed in your home, hot water is always on short supply and you are forever putting the boiler on to get more warm water available, consider electric showers as the way forward in terms of your next shower purchase.

However, electric showers aren’t for everyone. Sometimes, certain households are looking for a shower with a bit more ‘oomph’, essentially, a bit more pressure than you would expect from an electric shower. If your household has a combi-boiler or other reliable hot water system, you should look for high pressure mixer showers. These showers can provide your hot water from your internal hot water system but at a higher pressure than most electric showers can. Because of the way electric showers work, if you want a hotter shower, the water has to pass the heating element that much slower to get heated up, this means a lower resulting pressure shower. But mixer showers or combi showers rely on your existing hot water system to do the heating, so the shower itself can concentrate on providing the higher pressure through flow. If you feel that your hot water system can provide the hot water required without the need for the shower itself to do any of the heating, you can expect a higher pressure shower as a result.

When looking for your next shower, be sure to look at your existing hot water system in your home (consider the advice of a professional plumber if you are uncertain) to see which showers on the market will suit your needs - and your hot water system - best to provide you with the shower you want.