Electric Showers - What You Need To Know

Many people choose electric showers for their homes – they are comparatively eco-friendly, purse friendly and easy to use. Whether you opt for an electric shower or not will depend on the hot water system you currently have in your home. If your house is fitted with a hot water tank then you can have either a mixer shower or an electric shower but you should consider how well your system performs.

Houses which enjoy good water pressure and lots of hot water can have a mixer shower, but if your home does not fall into this category then you might find that you run out of hot water quickly and then need to heat more (which can take around an hour – not good for busy work mornings!). In this case, electric showers are perfect for your home – they heat only the water that they need, there and then – this means that you avoid paying to heat a huge tank of water that you may not use, and it also means that you get to have a hot shower on demand, as and when you need it.

Electric showers come in a variety of power ratings, and this will affect the performance of your shower once it is installed. As a general rule, the higher the power rating (measured in kW), the higher the flow rate of your shower (i.e. the faster the water will run). Electric showers come in one of three power ratings – 8.5kW, 9.5kW, and 10.5kW.

Electric showers that run at 8.5kW are the cheapest to run, because they use less electricity therefore heating the water more slowly and so using less water (which results in a lower final water pressure); in comparison, 10.5kW electric showers are the most expensive as they use more electricity and water, but will have a better output in terms of water flow from the shower head. The rating you go for will depend on what is most important to you from your shower – do you want cheaper running costs, would you rather have higher water pressure? Before you buy a new shower, do check that your current electric cable and fuse size will be compatible – get a professional to check this if you’re not sure!

When you’re looking for an electric shower, check online first – there is a great range available, and you can find much more than plain white units! Modern electric showers are small and compact, and you can even find black or chrome finishes. Look for a simple display, one with an on/off button and a temperature dial should be enough - don’t overcomplicate things.

Some websites even offer helpful extras like free next day delivery – perfect if you’re having your bathroom redone and a new suite fitted. You can choose your shower, get the professionals who are doing your refit to check your electricity and cable capabilities, and then receive your new shower the next day, ready to be fitted by someone suitably qualified.