Don't Forget To Research Showers For Your New Bathroom

Many people can spend an awful lot of time researching new bathrooms before they make the plunge on their choice of flooring, the colour of the tiles, the toilet, sink and bath suite, and the look of the shower and the shower cubicle. But, when looking into showers it is important not to rush or base your decision solely on the aesthetic aspects. You need to take some time researching the mechanics of showers to ensure that the one you choose for your redecorated or renovated bathroom will operate in the way you want it to.

How do showers operate?

Essentially, showers operate using either the hot water system that is built into a home or by heating cold mains water on demand. Therefore, no matter what you choose for your shower cubicle (shape and size), or if you opt for a shower and bath combination, whether you opt for a concealed shower, or a shower that is surface mounted on your newly tiled or painted bathroom wall, regardless of the style, you first need to consider the operating requirements behind the shower.

For instance, what do you consider important from a shower? Forget the look and design for a second (it can be difficult to put these thoughts to one side when you have spent the last three weeks imagining your dream bathroom!) and consider the mechanics of the shower. Do you like your showers with a high water pressure? Do you prefer showers which use less water, and are the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly to run? Are you fed up with your existing shower that fluctuates wildly in temperature whenever anyone else in your household uses the water system? They may be flushing a toilet, running a hot water tap in the kitchen, running a cold water tap in the spare bathroom, using the washing machine or can all have an impact on your shower!

What you hold most dear in your showering experience should ultimately affect the final choice you make about the type of shower to look for. Whether you want electric showers for a reliable hot water supply that is independent of the (possibly un-reliable) hot water system in your home, or whether you opt to rely on your hot water system and go for a mixer shower with the option of being concealed behind your favourite new tiles, there will be something to suit you.

Exposed or Concealed showers

Do you prefer exposed or concealed showers?

Regardless of the final choice of shower you opt for, both in terms of style and in terms of model (gravity-fed, combi shower, mixer shower, electric shower, concealed, exposed, thermostatic or high pressure) by researching the mechanics behind the shower’s functionality, by obtaining the professional opinion of a fully qualified plumber to overview your hot water system and make a recommendation based on your preferences and your showering priorities, you won’t get a nasty surprise when you take your first shower in your newly renovated, redecorated and potentially expensive bathroom.

By taking the necessary steps before the shower installation, you can be sure that you won’t suffer from a more expensive and time consuming plan to re-install an alternate shower that resolves the issues you may encounter. If you have a questionable hot water system, a limited supply of hot water, or issues with fluctuating water pressure and temperature, consider the recommendations of a plumber or research online to ensure that your new shower is one that can resolve these issues, and not compound them.

Next Steps:

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