Cost-Effective Electric Showers

If you are redecorating your bathroom – perhaps you have moved into a new home and decided to refit, or perhaps you just want to upgrade your existing bathroom suite – you are probably looking for the most cost effective products available. Electric showers are an essential for any modern bathroom, as they provide benefits in terms of efficiency, cost and appearance.

Electric showers are incredibly cost effective, as they only heat the water that you require. This means that you won’t need to pay to heat a huge immersion heater full of water – electrically powered showers pass cold water over a very hot element which quickly heats it, ready for you to use. Electric showers are perfect for busy families and professional couples who need hot water quickly, but won’t always remember to turn the hot water on for the rest of the house – when you’re in a hurry to get to work, you’ll still be able to have a hot shower!

Electric showers are also eco-friendly – because they only heat the water that you need you can make sure that you’re not wasting energy (and money) by heating large volumes of water that will only go cold again.

Electric showers are relatively simple to fit, and you can find models that look very attractive – some people are put off by the plastic casing, but there are lots of different styles that you can choose from to find the unit that will suit your bathroom (and your budget). Electric showers have come a long way since the days of bulky white plastic boxes on your wall – you can get smaller, more streamlined designs that fit in with your bathroom, and you can even find electric showers with a black, graphite or chrome finish. Look for models with an easy use system – a simple on/off button with a temperature dial are all you really need - and probably all you’d want to contend with first thing in the morning!

To keep electric showers in good condition, limescale needs to be prevented from building up. Some electric showers come with a specifically designed shower head to make cleaning easy – often referred to as ‘rub clean’. This means that cleaning will be quick and simple, and you can use a general household cleaner (vinegar also seems to work particularly well on limescale – douse a cloth in vinegar and wrap it around the shower head for ten minutes) to get great results. Making sure that your shower doesn’t have a build-up of limescale is not only healthy, but will help the spray nozzles to stay clear. Nozzles that are blocked won’t let as much water through, so you’ll notice a lessening in pressure when you use your shower.

To find electric showers, have a look online – there are lots of sites that have a wide variety of models available, and you can find different finishes, power ratings and prices to compare. Sites that offer free next day delivery are a great find, and you’ll be able to get your new bathroom installed in no time.