Choose Electric Showers As The Safe Choice For Your New Shower

If you are in any way uncertain as to which type of shower you should opt for next, electric showers are worth seriously considering. To begin with, they are independent from your existing internal hot water system that you have in your home. As you may be aware, there are certain types of showers available which are designed to operate with specific hot water systems. For example, gravity-fed mixer showers are for use with a gravity fed hot water system. Whilst these showers are optimised for use with this hot water system, they can still lack reliable high pressure and suffer from a limited hot water supply (especially in homes with older systems).

There are also combi showers especially designed for combi boilers. These showers run from the combi-boiler providing hot water on demand. They can save you money, but depending on the reliability of your combi-boiler, they can be affected by other household members making use of the same hot water supply.

Electric showers, however, differ from the aforementioned types of showers because they can co-exist with your current hot water system, regardless of what it is, and provide you with hot water on demand and therefore a reliable hot shower every time. So long as your neighbourhood isn’t suffering from a power cut, electric showers will be able to make use of the internal heating element built into the shower to heat the water that you use. Electric showers are often far more cost effective as you only pay for the hot water that you use whilst the shower is running; as soon as you turn the shower off, you stop heating the water and you save money this way.

Where electric showers really come into their own is in households which suffer from an unreliable or limited hot water supply. Many households with larger families can really be affected by a limited, stored hot water supply. If your first three showers of the day make use of all the hot water you have to wait for more hot water to be heated before the next shower can be taken. With electric showers, this frustrating scenario doesn’t occur. You have hot water on demand, any time of the day or night.

Many people look for electric showers not only as an alternative to an existing shower, but also as a secondary shower for a second bathroom. If your hot water system is reliable with your existing mixer shower, what would the effects of an additional mixer shower have on it? Would it mean you have two unreliable or poor performing showers? If you are looking for a shower for a second bathroom, an electric shower is a good choice to ensure that your existing shower isn’t affected.

Regardless of your requirements or your individual circumstances, an electric shower is well worth looking to as an option for your next shower purchase.