How Do I Know That A Mixer Shower Is Right For My Bathroom?

Mixer showers are a fantastic choice of shower if you like your showers to be high pressure, smart and reliable. The various types of mixer shower on offer can provide a level of customisation that some other types of shower cannot. For instance, electric showers, these often come with a large white or chrome box that needs to be installed on the exterior of your bathroom wall. This box is required to store the electrics of the shower, the heating element which the cold water passes before emitting from the shower head. Do you find these often large electric shower cases unsightly? Are you looking for something a little more minimalistic and subtle?

Mixer showers come with the bonus feature of the concealed option. Some manufactures of showers actually provide their showers with both the concealed installation and the exposed installation option so you can choose the style you want, with the added choice of which installation method you prefer. 

Concealed mixer showers are all about style. They take longer to install but the finished results are often extremely aesthetically pleasing. Basically, what the concealed shower does is hide all the pipework behind your bathroom wall. This means no trailing chrome pipe from your dials up to your shower head and no wall bracket fixed to your brand new tiles. The best examples of concealed mixer shower only have the shower head and the temperature controls protruding from your wall - the rest of the bathroom wall is left up to you!

However, if you’re running short on time and just need your shower up and running as soon as possible, the exposed mixer shower is the choice for you. The exposed shower has everything attached to the exterior of the bathroom wall. The shower riser rail, the shower head, and water inlet pipes connecting to the temperature controls. These can still look smart and are definitely the way forward if you’re in a rush to get your bathroom finished without the added hassle.

A mixer shower is a great choice if you have a reliable hot water system installed in your home. Depending on your water system, many can also be fitted with a pump to provide a high pressured shower and they can be purchased in a variety of models optimised for the particular water system that you may have. Do you have a water tank in your loft? Then it is recommended to look for gravity-fed mixer showers. Do you have a combination boiler? Then take a look online for a range of combi showers, specifically optimised to run from your combination boiler.

If you have any concerns about mixer showers and your existing water system, it is recommended to look online and do a little research before making your purchase. You need to consider your existing installation and your budget before making a purchase and finalising your choice of shower unit. There’s no better place than online to assist you with your decision making process.