Can I Buy A Comfortable Reliable Shower For My Home At A Reasonable Price?

Due to the nature of many household hot water systems many people have concerns over the nightmare showers we’ve all had at some point in the past. What if you’re taking a shower and someone starts running the kitchen cold water tap? What if someone flushes your bathroom toilet? Will the temperature of your shower fluctuate? Will it become dangerously hot as some showers can, or even suddenly run uncomfortably cold? If these are concerns of yours, why not look for a combi shower that will have the added facility of a thermostatic control?

Thermostatic controls are fantastic at regulating the temperature of the water that comes out of your shower. With the thermostat maintaining a constant temperature regardless of water use elsewhere in your home, you can be certain of a comfortable safe shower every time.

If reliability is also a concern of yours then combi showers are definitely to be considered. They often come with longer guarantees than other shower types due to their more simplistic nature. They operate in a way which naturally reduces the amount of lime scale build up, A combi shower is warm, safe and reliable for any home with a combi or combination boiler.

The combination boiler is a modern and very popular choice for many new homeowners looking to maximise their living space. Gone are the cumbersome water tanks and storage space in attics and landing cupboards, in are the small, neat combi boilers that can fit into a small kitchen unit, completely out of the way.

Combi showers utilise the high pressure system provided by the combi boiler to provide hot water on demand, at a higher pressure than that of a standard electrical shower.

Combi showers can come in many different designs with different styles of shower head, temperature dial and adjoining pipes. One of the main differences in combi showers design features is the option for either concealed or exposed designs.

Concealed designs offer a shower with only the shower head and temperature dials exposed, all of the internal pipe work and un-aesthetically pleasing pipe work can be hidden away behind your bathroom wall. The exposed combi showers are easier to install, but come with the entire shower ready to fit onto the outside of any bathroom wall, without the need to create accommodation for the shower itself.

The initial costs of combi showers are slightly more expensive than the electric alternatives, however, they are often cheaper to install. With higher reliability and with the potential for a more modern and aesthetically pleasing design than those provided by electric showers, a combi shower is a good choice for any home with a combination boiler already installed.