January 2011

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How Do I Know That A Mixer Shower Is Right For My Bathroom?

Mixer showers are a fantastic choice of shower if you like your showers to be high pressure, smart and reliable. The various types of mixer shower on offer can provide a level of customisation...

31st January 2011

Make The Most Of A Mixer Shower

If you are in the middle of renovating or redecorating your bathroom you are probably also considering purchasing a new shower. But how do you know which shower is the right choice?

25th January 2011

Why Choose An Electric Shower?

If you are currently looking into renovating your house, one area that shouldn’t be overlooked is the bathroom. Many TV shows that are based on property renovation can provide a great source of inspiration...

20th January 2011

The Features Of Electric Showers

Economical showers are a great way of saving money. If you’re concerned with your gas bills and the amount of money you spend on ensuring you have enough hot water, electric showers are a recommended choice...

15th January 2011

Combi Showers, How Are They Different And What Can They Offer?

When considering what type of shower you want to purchase you should first look at the water system in your home. Is it a cistern, gravity-fed system with large water storage tanks? Is it a combination boiler...

10th January 2011 

Can I Buy A Comfortable Reliable Shower For My Home At A Reasonable Price?

Due to the nature of many household hot water systems many people have concerns over the nightmare showers we’ve all had at some point in the past. What if you’re taking a shower and someone starts running the kitchen...

6th January 2011