Combi Showers Can Offer You More

Combi showers are a versatile and modern style of shower that are well suited to many new build households. If you existing shower has broken or is in need of repair, or if you are in the middle of a renovation job on your bathroom, you may want to consider looking for a brand new shower. Nowadays, many new properties have been set up with a combination boiler hot water system. These have many benefits including hot water on demand and a reduced space requirement. Essentially, gone are the large water tanks that are stowed away in airing cupboards or up in the loft. In their stead are a discreet, space saving combination boiler, often hidden away in a kitchen cupboard.

But what are combi showers? How are they optimised to run from combination boilers? What benefits can combi showers provide? A combi shower is simply a mixer shower designed specifically to provide the best performance from a combination boiler. Essentially, a combination boiler can provide hot water on demand, this means that your combi shower can be just as effective as an electric shower, if set up correctly. Most combi showers also come with thermostatic controls, the thermostat built into the shower means that the temperature never fluctuates and is conducive to a reliable and pleasant showering experience every time.

Most people opt for electric showers if they want a cheap model that provides guaranteed warm water every time they shower, but what they don’t realise is, a combi shower can do just the same if you have a combination boiler installed. The combi shower tends to be more of an expensive upfront cost than an electric, but the installation is often cheaper. Unfortunately, most people purchase electric showers based on price of the shower itself without fully researching how costly the installation can be. Only certain, fully certified plumbers can legally install new electric showers which means that an unaccounted for costly installation cost can come as quite a surprise! Anyone who has never installed a shower before should ask for professional assistance.

Once you’ve looked into the hot water system you have installed and you have set upon your budget, it’s time to look at styles of combi showers that are available and which you think would best suit your bathroom. There are various designs available, each with their own quirks and positive and negative aspects. Two main differing styles are exposed and concealed showers. The concealed style is trickier and more time consuming to set up and install, but can make for a very professional and aesthetically pleasing look to your bathroom. The concealed aspect means that the majority of the workings of the shower are concealed behind your bathroom wall. The shower rail and pipes aren’t usually considered as a problem or altogether unsightly until you see how good a concealed combi shower can look! With only the shower head and temperature controls on view you can have a very clean looking bathroom or wet room area that shows off your new tiles to the max.

Exposed combi showers are recommended if you would like a quicker installation. They aren’t necessarily cheaper than their concealed counterparts. Some showers even come with both options in the kit available for install, but they are a lot quicker to install, which means you’ll be having a shower in your new bathroom quicker!

Dependent on your hot water system, your own personal preferences and your budget, combi showers can be a great choice to provide the showering your experience you’re after.