Bathroom Refurbishments - Choosing The Right Shower

When it comes to a bathroom refurbishment it can be a minefield to organise. It’s either something you’ll really enjoy, or a task that you’ll feel a lot better about once it’s over! The problem with a refurbishment is it is so much more than just a simple redecoration. The actual physical components of your bathroom have to be upgraded and replaced. But if you’re looking to do this on a low budget, you’ll want to opt out of the expensive and quick solution of a fully kitted bathroom suite, and instead you’ll need to do some research and bargain hunting. You’ll find yourself sourcing items such as combi showers from one store and toilet seats from another!

To begin with, it is recommended to look in the retail stores for some inspiration and then to look on the internet for each required aspect of your bathroom for the best prices. Before you start looking, it’s a good idea to actually have in mind the finished style you’re going for. This is where a trip to a showroom or retail store can help you. Take some time to think about the decoration, the colour of the walls, the method of decoration, paper or painted? The floor; tiled, lino or wooden boards? The bath, the toilet and the sink? What style do you want and what theme and colour are you after?

Unfortunately, this is the easiest part done! Now you have to consider the “hardware” of the bathroom. The plumbing, the bath or Jacuzzi or shower, the electrics and lighting. Depending on the skills you have to hand this might be something that you will require assistance with so it is best to research as much as possible beforehand to save the most time and money. For example, before choosing a new shower, you have to consider more than just the look, the design and the price. You have to consider the hot water system that is currently installed in your house.

Firstly, do you want to utilise the hot water system that is installed in your house to heat your shower water? If so, the next step is to consider exactly what system you have. If you have a combi boiler installation, then you should look for combi showers which are specifically optimised for these boilers. If you have a gravity fed hot water system, you should look for mixer showers. But what exactly are these shower types, and how are they different from each other?

For instance, take combi showers; a combi boiler operates so that hot water is always available when required. The reduced size of the combi boiler means they are becoming a favourite for new-build properties as they mean less loft space is occupied. If you’re in a new build, the chances are you’ll have a combi boiler in a downstairs kitchen cupboard and it’s recommended you should look into combi showers.

By picking the right shower for the water system you have installed in your property you can be safe in the knowledge that it’ll run as you want it to. Combi showers for example, have benefits such as good water flow and reduced lime scale build up. In addition to this they also have the benefit of being comparatively easy to install and cheaper than many other models.

When looking for a shower as part of your bathroom refurbishment, ensure you’re taking time to find the right style that is compatible with your water system, and you’re looking for the cheapest prices online.