Which Showers To Choose?

With so many different showers available these days, choosing the best one for your home can at first seem quite a daunting process. It’s likely that many years have passed since your last purchase and the market for showers will probably have changed quite a lot in that time. Whether you are refurbishing your entire bathroom suite or simply replacing an old shower model, it is therefore recommended to take plenty of time researching the latest models, the latest features and technologies.

If the aesthetics of the shower are the most important aspect of your new shower, then you may need to consult a plumber to investigate your current hot water system to ensure that the shower you like the look of will perform sufficiently. If your existing shower performs adequately with your existing hot water system, then it is recommended that you replace like for like, using the same type of shower but simply upgrading the shower to a more recent version. For example, in homes with reliable hot water systems, mixer showers can be a good option as they tend to give a good performance, are hardwearing and easy to maintain.

Some mixer showers also have the facility to be concealed behind tiles with only the shower head and the temperature controls on display. This stylish look is great for newly decorated bathrooms and for those customers which want to avoid the large units which come with electric showers as standard.

However, if aesthetics are not your primary concern and you are really interested in the performance of the shower, this opens up more flexibility in which showers you can consider. For instance, which aspect of the performance is most important to you? Do you want hot water on demand regardless of your hot water system? Go for electric showers if this is the case. Alternatively, do you have a reliable combi-boiler in your home which provides hot water on demand? If so, you can obtain higher pressure showers with a combi-shower model. These combi models of showers are optimised for performance with combi boiler systems to capitalise on the hot water system installed. If you want a consistent and reliable temperature which doesn’t fluctuate when other water systems are in use in the household (such as dishwashers, toilets flushing, washing machines and cold water taps running) then make sure you choose a shower with thermostatic technology.

Regardless of your requirements, there will be showers available that will meet your needs. Before making a purchase, be sure to spend some time considering what aspects of your shower are most important, then begin to look for options which meet your needs. By using websites on the internet to assist in your research and purchases, you should be able to find what you need at a reasonable price.