What Makes Electric Showers Different?

Electric showers come in many shapes and sizes, different finishes, varying models and different power ratings. However, the average consumer could easily be forgiven for purchasing new showers based purely on appearance. When shopping for something new, there is a common trap that it is best to avoid falling into; if something looks the part and sounds good, people generally jump into a purchase. However, with showers, there is a lot more to consider than just how the shower will look in your bathroom.

Whilst it holds true that the aesthetics of a shower are important, it could easily be argued that the actual functionality and performance of the resulting shower’s installation is more important! But how can you be sure that your future shower will perform as required? How can you be certain that the listed set of features for a particular shower will actually work in your bathroom?

When it comes to electric showers, the listed features, the description, and the technical information are a lot less likely to differ in terms of the actual performance of your newly installed shower. Essentially, because electric showers are completely independent of the hot water system that is installed in your home, the performance of the shower itself won’t be adversely affected by the system you have in place already. Showers such as mixer showers depend on the reliability of the hot water system in your home. Therefore, if you are looking for a new shower because your current shower’s pressure fluctuates, the hot water runs out or the temperature fluctuates, these are likely to be issues with your hot water system rather than your shower. This is where electric showers can come into their own.

Electric showers operate by cold water supply – independent from the hot water source in your home. The cold water runs through the electric shower unit and is heated by an internal heating element. The higher the power rating of the shower, the faster the heating element is able to heat cold water and so the higher the pressure of water flow achievable through your electric shower.

If you do currently experience problems with water pressure and temperature fluctuations, electric showers may resolve some of these issues. The performance of electric showers is based on two things; the rating of the heating element and the pressure of the cold water supply. Therefore, if you have a good pressure mains cold water supply combined with a high powered electric shower, your current issues with temperature and pressure fluctuation will be resolved.

Electric showers are also a good choice for those that are safety minded and conscious of being economical and environmentally friendly. As an electric shower only heats the water you use whilst the shower is on, there is no energy wasted by heating larger volumes of water that are not going to be used. In terms of safety features, most electric showers have inbuilt maximum safe operating temperatures to prevent the user from selecting an un-safe temperature. You should look for models that have a phased shutdown as an additional safety feature as this ensures any remaining hot water is flushed out of the shower before it is turned off.

Regardless of the reasons for your new shower purchase, whether the replacement is for aesthetic reasons or for better performance, by looking for electrically powered showers, you can easily find a suitable new model that is reliable and performs as you need.