Looking For A Replacement Shower?

Have you had the misfortune of a broken shower recently? Are you in need of finding a replacement? The type of shower you have installed already can impact on how easy or difficult this is - and even on how expensive it is to find and install a replacement.

Showers come in many different models, shapes and sizes. Your existing shower may be recessed (concealed within the wall) or wall mounted, it may be a mixer, electric or a digital shower. The types of showers you choose will depend on the type of hot water system you have in your home as well as your personal style preferences.

It may be that your shower ceasing to work is only due to a faulty part. In this instance, the advice of a plumber combined with the ease of use of the internet should help you to locate the source of the fault in the shower and find the required replacement part. The plumber – depending on experience – will then be able to install the new part of the shower once it arrives. If, however, the fault is more serious, you can use the shower failure as an opportunity to upgrade.

A cost effective way of replacing your faulty shower unit involves looking online for replacements which can fit to be compatible with the existing connections (water inlet and fixing points) as well as ensuring that the replacement shower covers holes in the wall let by the previous installation. This will require minimum work from the plumber in terms of installation and greatly reduce costs of replacement. If you are at all uncertain as to which make and model of shower would be suitable as a replacement for your existing shower, look online. There are many websites dealing with new showers, replacements and parts which should contain the information you require. If you are still uncertain or cannot find the information you require, many of the best shower manufacturers websites will offer customer services via phone and email so that you can query which model is most suited to your needs.

Replacing a faulty shower doesn’t have to be an arduous task and isn’t necessarily a negative thing. Showers are becoming more and more cost effective and technically proficient as time goes on. Electric showers work independently of your heating system to offer a hot shower on demand whilst mixer showers have sleeker design, some of which can be concealed within the wall for a minimalistic look. Innovative safety features are constantly being developed and improved upon. These include thermostatic temperature controls, maximum safe operating temperature limitations and inbuilt phased shutdown facilities. All of these features can offer a marked improvement on the shower you may have had installed in the past.

Reliability and performance are two of the main concerns for shower owners that have suffered the misfortune of a faulty shower. But in this day and age, regardless of the style of shower you are looking for as a replacement, reliability is improving all the time. If you are still concerned, look online for shower sales which offer guarantees with all shower purchases. As an extra advantage, look for those websites that also offer an after sales advice service. By looking online you will be able to find the information you require, the cheapest shower price possible, and the best websites - which offer all of the above as well as free delivery.