Electric Showers - It's All About Power

With electric showers there are a number of important things to consider if you are contemplating a purchase. To begin with, you should consider the circumstances within your home. You may be buying an additional shower in a second bathroom, you may be replacing a faulty shower, or perhaps you are upgrading or renovating your bathroom and therefore require a new shower too. All of these differing circumstances will be cause for a different recommended shower. And this is before we have even considered the hot water system in your home!

Essentially, if you feel that your hot water system is reliable and up to the job of providing constant hot water, (water doesn’t fluctuate in pressure or temperature) then you’ll probably want a model of shower which utilises this system such as a mixer shower. If, however, the internal hot water system in your home doesn’t have a large hot water capacity, or isn’t reliable, or is sufficient to supply one shower but not an additional shower in a second bathroom, all of these are causes to look for electric showers instead.

With electric showers it’s all about the power. These showers run on electricity which is used to power an inbuilt heating element within the shower. The power rating of the model of shower will depend on how quickly the element can heat the water passing through the shower and therefore how much water pressure you can expect at higher temperatures. In simple terms, if the power rating is high, the cold water is heated quicker and the shower is more powerful.

In most shower stores there are three main shower power ratings to look for in electric showers. There are 8.5kW showers, which are normally the lowest power rating - these showers tend to be cheapest. The middle of the road model will be the 9.5kW shower, these are generally slightly more expensive and represent a good compromise between cost and water pressure. The higher power rated showers are usually 10.5kW - these can prove more expensive, but tend to provide the quickest water heating, for maximum water pressure.

As electric showers are sold on the basis of the power rating that they operate, this is one of the most important decisions when making your new purchase. What is most important to you? Is it value in terms of the most affordable, and the most reasonably priced shower? Is it the shower which uses the least amount of power and therefore costs less to operate in terms of your energy bills? Or is a higher water pressure more important? Do you want high temperature showers without compromising on water pressure? By asking yourselves these questions, you can come to a better decision as to which shower you would most like to purchase.

Electric showers can also help to reduce impact on the environment. Those of you that are conscious of your energy bills or conscious of your energy usage in terms of being environmentally friendly will probably appreciate the fact that electric showers don’t waste energy. The shower heats up the cold water that is fed into the shower and this process only takes place when the shower is actually on. This means that you only heat the water you use.

When considering your next shower purchase, be sure to look online to read about the different power ratings and the different features you can expect from your new electric shower. By looking online, you are also far more likely to find a shower at a more reasonable price.