Reasons For Choosing Combi Showers

In the 21st century showers have become increasingly popular as they are quicker and can use less water than a bath. Taking a relaxing shower in the evening or starting your day with a bracing shower is something most people can’t do without these days. With such frequent use it’s worth choosing a new shower with care and attention as there are many types of showers available today. With more and more households now having combination boiler hot water systems installed, it is worth looking at high quality combi showers that are suitable for using with combi boilers.

You probably want to know what a typical combi shower is. A combi shower is an ordinary mixer shower created specifically to optimise the performance of a combination boiler. When searching for a mixer shower you will find some models offer a specific variant for different types of water system including gravity-fed, high pressure and combi. To look at, these models appear identical but tweaks have been made to the way they work to allow for the nuances of each water system.

Combi boilers heat water on demand and combi showers will mix this hot water with cold water from the mains to reach the desired temperature. As long as your combi boiler provides hot water at an adequate pressure you should have a sufficient powerful shower. However, it is worth checking your pressure levels are adequate before you purchase as a pump cannot be used with a combi boiler.  Shower manufacturers should provide information on the minimum pressure required.

When choosing between combi showers it is worth considering models which feature thermostatic technology. Although this will cost slightly more, a thermostatic shower allows you to enjoy showering without temperature fluctuations which sometimes occur when water is used somewhere else in the house. This is highly recommended for families or households with elderly people as it prevents a sudden spike of hot or cold water. Furthermore, most combi showers feature separate temperature and water flow control options which make them easy to use for all members of the family.

Although mixer or combi showers may be slightly more expensive to purchase than an electric shower they can be cheaper to install as there are no electrics to consider. Combi showers are also hard-wearing and easy to maintain even in hard water areas meaning they are particularly cost-effective. Features such as showerheads with rub clean spray plates designed to resist lime scale effectively also makes cleaning easy.

Once you have made the final decision to get a high quality combi shower, look through different styles and designs of these showers available. To begin with, there are exposed and concealed combi showers offered at specialised websites. Concealed showers are perfect if you want your bathroom to have a neat minimalist finish, as all the pipework is concealed behind the bathroom wall. But keep in mind that concealed options require more complicated installation. Some showers are supplied with both concealed and exposed options for added flexibility.

To sum up, easy to install and use combi showers are great options for people who have combination boilers already installed. They are safe, reliable and suitable for family use. Besides, these cost-effective showers are available in a number of stylish designs.