A Short Guide To Good Quality Combi Showers

If you are renovating your bathroom or your old shower is broken and needs to be replaced, shopping for a new shower is on your agenda. With a great number of models, brands and designs available in the market, it may be hard to make the right purchase. Remember that your home water system is a determining factor in choosing showers. If you have a combination boiler that heat water on demand, high quality combi showers can be a great option for you. This short guide provides some useful information about mixer showers for homes with combi boilers.

A combi shower is simply a mixer shower model that has been designed specifically to work with the nuances of combi boiler systems to provide optimal performance. Contemporary showers feature thermostatic controls and automatically adjust to the temperature fluctuations of the incoming water. Maintaining the selected temperature throughout the shower without sudden spikes is beneficial, especially if you have small children. Top quality combi showers are easy to operate with either one or two taps or levers to control both the flow rate and the temperature.

Keep in mind that in comparison to electric showers, combi showers may be a little more expensive to purchase but are usually cheaper and easier to install. Looking for a cheap solution that provides guaranteed warm water a lot of people pick electric showers. It is interesting to know that only certified electricians can legally install electric showers unless it is a like for like replacement that requires no alterations to the cablework. This can result in higher installation costs so it may be more economical to opt for durable combi showers installed.

When installing combi showers a choice of flow regulators should be provided to ensure optimum compatibility with boilers of different sizes. Furthermore, some modern combi showers can be either surface mounted or recessed into the wall to give a minimalistic look. Keep in mind that exposed showers are usually much easier to install than concealed ones and are also easier to access if required in the future.

You can pick models in chrome finishes with fully chromed accessories in a range of designs that can complement any bathroom. Opting for a height adjustable shower head offers the most flexibility for families and also gives the option of removing the shower head from the holder to use it as a hand held shower. For easy maintenance and to minimise the build up of limescale look for models that feature rub clean spray plates on the shower heads.

If you don’t want to pour your money down the drain, it may be a good idea to do research and visit price comparison sites. Keep your eyes open when shopping for combi showers, as online retailers often tempt clients with special offers and attractive deals. In addition, you can benefit from user-friendly policies. Some online retailers deliver your purchase right at your doorstep the next working day free of charge.

To conclude, if you are updating your bathroom system or looking for a replacement shower, visit established sites and contact experienced specialists who are always glad to help you out. When browsing the Internet you can also find attractive prices on shower models that don’t break the bank.