Installation Guides

All our showers are accompanied by a step-by-step Gainsborough Shower instructions manual. If a professional installer is fitting the shower for you, make sure they leave you the shower installation guide for future reference. The manuals also include a user guide, cleaning instructions and a shower troubleshooting guide.

Easy and safe steps for fitting a Gainsborough shower

Whether you need instructions for fitting an electric shower or plumbing a mixer shower, we offer all the necessary information for getting your shower safely installed and in working order. Download our model specific guides on Gainsborough shower fitting below.

If you can’t find the answer to any questions regarding how to install a Gainsborough Shower, then see our showers advice page for expert help or call our technical support team on 01959 560760.

Guides to installing an electric shower:

Guides to installing a mixer shower:

Guides to installing a power shower:

  • Gainsborough Diplomat power shower
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