Help Me Choose a Shower

Your home water system is an important factor in determining which types of shower are suitable for your household. Many traditional home water systems involve storing hot water in a tank whilst others, such as the combination boiler, heat water on demand.

Before choosing shower technology for your home, you must first decide whether you wish to use your home water system. If you have plentiful hot water and a good level of water pressure this may be the best option for you. In larger households with stored hot water you may find you quickly use up all the hot water and then have to wait for the water to be heated again.

Simply answer the question below and we’ll help guide you through which shower types are right for you:

Do you want to use your household hot water system?

No, I don't want to use my household hot water system...

The right shower for you is an Electric shower.

What electrical power rating do you require?

Typically the higher the shower engine size/kW rating, the higher the shower flow rate that can be achieved. Please check that your current electricity supply, cable size and fuse size are compatible with the shower requirements.

There are 3 options


An 8.5kW shower is the most economical option and will be the cheapest to run as it uses less electricity and water.

Show me the 8.5kW range


A 9.5kW shower is still economical to run but provides a higher water flow than an 8.5kW shower.

Show me the 9.5kW range


A 10.5kW shower will provide the highest flow of water. For the best shower experience.

Show me the 10.5kW range

Yes, I want to use my household hot water system...

The right shower for you is a Mixer shower.

Choose which water system you have from below:

1. Gravity Fed system?

Stored hot and cold water, typically cold storage tank up in the loft (cistern) and hot water tank (cylinder) in the airing cupboard

If yes, view range.

2. Combination Boiler system

Wall or floor mounted boiler, usually located in the kitchen which provides hot water on demand. The cold water to the appliance is usually supplied direct from the incoming cold water main. This is a high pressure system.

If yes, view range.

3. High Pressure system

Typically located in a garage or cupboard, the high pressure cylinder stores hot water until required. Unlike a gravity system, the cold is fed to the cylinder direct from the mains rather than a separate cold water tank in the loft.

If yes, view range.